Children First Foundation

At Children First Foundation, we believe that where you are born should not determine your right to live a healthy and happy life.

A small Australian based charity, Children First Foundation have been facilitating life-changing surgery in Australia for children from developing countries for over 20 years. These often life-saving surgeries rebuild the lives of disadvantaged children who are unable to access the urgent medical care they require as it is not available in their own countries.

Recently, Children First Foundation made headlines for our role in the surgery that successfully separated Nima and Dawa, the previously conjoined twins from Bhutan. Now back home with their family, their lives are healthy and happy, with a bright future ahead of them.

Your donation will give small lives, big hope

Give something priceless this Mother’s Day. Add a $10 donation to your purchase of either a LVLY flower jar, LVLY mumma or on our Build your own – and give the gift of hope to another mum. In doing so, know that your full $10 will go towards the work of Children First Foundation, as LVLY will cover the transaction fees for every donation.

When disadvantaged children are referred to us, their families have often tried everything to find a way to help their child – we are their last hope. To date we have helped almost 400 children to receive surgery, treatment and care they need to change their lives for the better. Even where surgery is pro bono it still costs around $81 per day per child, to run our program. With no government funding, we rely on generous donors to cover these essential costs.

With your help, we can give hope to mums all over the world and enable a brighter future for their children.