Our partners

We’re determined to support local producers and designers so we place a big focus on sourcing close to home. Our LVLY range is purposely small, lovingly curated and proudly local.

Sweet Mickie

Once upon a time there was a kale intolerant cookie called Mickie in Melbourne, Australia, who started writing jokes on cookies. Sweet Mickie’s words can now be found all around town. Each cookie is hand stamped and utterly DELICIOUS!

The Wondersnack Co.

Established in Melbourne, The Wondersnack Co. was founded on the idea that the food we eat should always deliver wonderful flavours, even when we are simply snacking. These snacks are so good we think they should come with an addiction warning! Welcome to the new frontier in snacking.

Bridge Road Brewers

Bridge Road Brewers has grown to become one of Australia’s best craft breweries. Small batch, hands on brewing, means that each bottle of this beer gets the attention it deserves.  Their beers are brewed naturally, without pasteurization, or preservatives.