Social impact

Team LVLY stands for making days, being a goodie and spreading happiness wherever possible. As we care deeply for those around us and the betterment of society, we’re determined to work towards a better, happier future by partnering with charities close to our hearts.

Pink Elephants Support Network

Pink Elephants support, nurture and empower those affected by the tragedy of early pregnancy loss and miscarriage. By providing emotional support resources and personalised peer support, they ensure that no one walks alone in such a difficult journey.

LVLY has joined in their #circleofsupport by doing what we do best; delivering special and meaningful gestures. We created the LVLY Nurture Box as a way for family and friends to show their support and care, donating $5 made from every purchase of this gift to Pink Elephants. So far, with the help of you LVLYs, we’ve been able to contribute close to $2,000 in our first year collaborating together!

For more info on Pink Elephants, head this way. You can also check out our LVLY Nurture Box here.

Bloom Rescue

When flowers need saving, Bloom Rescue is all over it! Sharing our LVLY inspiration coming from ‘random acts of kindness’, they exist to deliver recycled flowers, kindness and compassion to those who need them most.

To add a LVLY touch to their mission of bringing love and light and to those in vulnerable life situations, we’ve donated 100+ posies to be delivered to those in hospices and respiratory care. That’s 100+ days we’ve tried to make a little brighter together!

For more info on Bloom Rescue, click here.


HoMie envisions an Australian society free of homelessness. Their primary mission is to build confidence and provide job skills for young people, and in doing so, create unique pathways out of homelessness and hardship.

In our gift range, we’ve included HoMie caps to send to your homie, with 100% of the profits donated directly to their important work. We’re also a happy part of their pathway project, where the young people involved graduate with certifications, experience, and personal development training to build improved confidence, resilience, self-aspirations and life-skills.

To find out more about HoMie, click here.

St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums are working towards a future where we waste less, share more and care for every child. By rehoming preloved essential nursery goods to Victorian families in need, they aim to help provide families with the best possible foundation for raising their children.

To support them in the LVLY’est way we know, we’ve surprise flowerbombed their amazing volunteers, supplied all the flowers for their Mother’s Day event (60+), and as a team have donated much-needed clothes, blankets, toys, etc.

If you’d like to follow suit and find out more about St Kilda Mums, click here.

Cancer Council

Cancer Council’s vision is to minimise the threat of cancer through successful prevention, best treatment, support and world-class research.

As a team comprised of mostly women, Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause SO close to our hearts. Since 2015, we’ve partnered up with Cancer Council to work together on Daffodil Day and Breast Cancer Awareness month. The LVLY spin we’ve put on their ‘Girl’s Night In’ campaign is holding a posy-making workshop each year. It’s fun meets funds, with all proceeds from the night donated directly to the cause!

For more info on Cancer Council and Breast Cancer Awareness, head this way.