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Hey, baby! The best baby shower gift ideas around

August 07, 2023 5 min read

Hey, baby! The best baby shower gift ideas around
These days, life is busy. Does it feel busier than ever? It’s not just us? When you get invited to a baby shower, it’s really exciting, but then time ticks by and before you know it, you haven’t organised your gift yet and the event is just around the corner! 
Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby and to help the new parents get everything they need. When it comes to choosing a baby shower gift, there are endless possibilities. Before you begin, consider your budget. It's important to consider the budget of the person giving the gift, as well as the budget of the parents-to-be.
  • Think about the parents-to-be's needs. What are the things that they still need for the baby? If you know the parents-to-be well, you can get them something that they'll actually use. 
  • Be creative. There are endless possibilities when it comes to baby shower gifts. Don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box.
Here are a few of our favourite baby shower gift ideas to get you started:


The most important baby shower gifts are the essentials, such as nappies, baby wipes, onesies, nappy rash cream, a steriliser and bottles. If you're not sure what size to get, ask the parents-to-be, as they may have already bought a bunch of newborn nappies. You can also get a gift set that includes a variety of essentials. 
Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts are always a thoughtful choice. You can get a blanket or a toy with the baby's name on it, or you can even get a piece of jewellery with the baby's birthstone. Or you can get the baby’s name and birth date printed on a  personalised LVLY flower jar, which acts as a beautiful keepsake long after the fresh flowers have dried. 

Gifts for the baby’s room

If you know the parents-to-be's nursery theme, you could get them a gift that fits the theme. For example, if they're going for a woodland theme, you could get them a stuffed animal that looks like a bear or a fox. Or you could get them baby bunting with their child’s name on it to make it more personal. Many baby brands are going for a minimalist, gender neutral approach to baby room designs and many great baby gifts can be found in your local retail store such as Kmart, Target or Ikea. 

Gifts for the future

If you want to give a gift that the baby will enjoy for years to come, you could get them a toy that grows with them. For example, you could get them a wooden train set that they can play with now and that they'll still be able to enjoy when they're older. 

A plant is also a gorgeous gift that the whole family can enjoy. LVLY has gorgeous indoor plant gifts available, complete with a stylish pots in a range of colours. The cherry on top? You can even personalise the plant by including a cute sentimental or funny message on the accompanying plant stake. Something like “you grow girl” or “You’re un-be-leaf-able” are super cute options!

Photo memories 

Create a custom photo album. This is a great way to capture memories of the pregnancy and the early days of parenthood. You could include photos of the parents-to-be, the baby's ultrasound, and even photos of the baby after they're born.

Self-care gifts for mum

Pregnancy and early parenthood can be tough on any new mumma and even those who are pregnant for the second or third time around.  Self-care gifts are a great way to show your support. You could get her a  gift certificate for a spa treatment, a new book to read, a monthly flower subscription from LVLY, or a pamper package of epsom salts, tea and plenty of delicious and healthy snacks to grab on the go. Mothering can be hard work, it’s important to stay hydrated and energised! 
Baby fund

Organise a ‘baby fund’ between all of your friends and family and ask family members to contribute to an amount they’re comfortable with. It’ll give that baby a great start to savings before they’re even born! 

Donation to a charity

If the parents insist on no gifts, ask them if they would like their guests to donate to a charity of their choice to help funding towards valuable research. They may have a charity that they have a personal connection with. 


Experiences make great baby shower gifts because they're something that the parents-to-be will remember for years to come. You could get them a gift certificate for a massage or a night out at their favourite restaurant, cinema tickets, or you could even book them a weekend away. 

Letters to my son / daughter

You could ask the parents to open up an email account for their child and you each send the child an email. The email could be as simple as ‘welcome to the world, we can’t wait to meet you’ or ‘Happy Birthday to you’ or it could be about your relationship with their parents, or even a funny story. When they’re old enough to read them, it will be beautiful memories they can keep. 

Family photoshoot

Everyone attending the baby shower can pitch in to get a family photoshoot for the new parents-to-be, for them to use at birth or when the baby is a little older. Having professional photos to look back on is something that people will cherish forever and usually something they would never buy themselves. 

A book library

Think of your favourite childhood books. Hairy McClairy from Donaldson’s Dairy, or was it The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Or is it The Very Hungry Bear? Where is the Green Sheep? Guess How Much I Love you?  Whatever it is, ask everyone attending to buy a book, so the parents-to-be can have an entire book library, full of heartwarming stories to read to their little one. 

Food hampers

It sounds simple, but new parents will be so grateful for home cooked meals they can freeze, snacks and anything that can fill their pantry and fridge with to get them through all of those sleepless first few weeks. A food voucher for their groceries so they can easily order online or an Uber Eats voucher are also handy presents they will be very appreciative of! 


When you’re getting up to give the baby a feed at various times during the night, sometimes, just being able to pop your airpods in and listen to a podcast or music makes those cluster feeding days more bearable. 

No matter what you choose, make sure the gift is something that the parents-to-be will appreciate and use. After all, the most important thing is that you're there to celebrate the arrival of their new baby.

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