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How to set up an opt-out campaign

Together with our friends at Bloom & Wild we’ve pulled together simple instructions on how to set up an opt-out campaign. We’ve also added some tips and tricks we found useful during our first campaign.

To start with, you’ll want to know how to exclude your opted-out segment. Just download our step-by-step guide below to find out how we do it.

Download guide here

Once you’ve got the technical set up sorted, you may want to follow the guidelines below, suggested by Bloom and Wild.

1. Keep building the opt-out database

Our customers can opt-out at any time, so our database is always changing. Keep yours up-to-date by offering opt-out before any sensitive occasion.

2. Give people time to opt-out

We like to send our opt-out emails the Sunday before we start to message the occasion anywhere.

3. Repeat the message

Keep giving your opt-in audience the chance to opt-out throughout your campaign. Some people might miss your first message! We’ve done this in a couple of ways before. In the early campaign days, we like to include a banner within our opt-in emails, reminding people they can opt-out. After exposing people to this for a while, you might be happy to just pop a link in your T&Cs instead.

4. Keep talking to opt-outers

We’d never ignore a friend going through a tough month. So we don’t do that to our customers either. Making a content plan that’s relevant to your opted-out audience will keep them actively engaged and shopping for other reasons!

5. Think outside the (in)box

A successful opt-out campaign isn’t just about emails. We’ve taken it further by creating a preference centre where customers can opt themselves out at any time that suits them. And we’ve also tailored our site experience for opted-out customers who won’t see any mention of the occasion on our homepage, nav menus or product carousels when they’re logged into their account.

And that’s it!

If you haven’t already, join our community of thoughtful marketers here.

Wishing you a successful opt-out campaign!