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Father's Day Gift Guide

July 06, 2023 4 min read

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is Sunday 3rd September, so it’s time to start thinking about a gift for the Dad or paternal figure in your life. Every Dad is different, so we’ve compiled a list of father-friendly gifts that will suit even the hardest to please characters this Father’s Day. 

Read on for our simple father’s day gift ideas that are sure to make Dad’s day.

The New Dad 

Ahh, it’s his first Father’s Day! Welcome him to the club that is Fatherhood with some branded merch that just screams ‘I’m a Dad!’. Banabae has a full range of ‘Rad Dad’ apparel that’s perfect to celebrate a new Dad this Father’s Day. Even better - Banabae are proud partners of 1% For the Planet, meaning they are committed to donating 1% of their revenue to supporting environmental causes and making the world a better place for our little one’s future. 

Our favourite pick from the range is the classic Rad Dad’ tee.  Pair with some stonewash jean shorts, some classic Reebok ‘Dad’ trainers and socks pulled up to his calves for the ultimate in Dad dressing! 

New Father Father's Day Gift IdeaImage credit: Banabae

And for a Father’s Day gift idea that (probably) won’t end up covered in baby spew? You can’t go wrong with a personalised gift like a  monogrammed wallet, complete with a photo insert of Dad + bub together. 

The Dad of Two (or Three, Four or more!)

This isn’t Dad’s first rodeo. He’s been there, done that and he’s got the cheesy t-shirts to prove it. Having two, three (or more) kids, he’s no stranger to having a desk drawer or workshop wall overflowing with (sometimes questionable) artworks from his little Picassos and Monets. 

Why not collect their greatest masterpieces in this stylish  Great Art by a great artist’ frame book to look back on for years to come. This special keepsake features 30 pages to include artwork, plus a quote straight from the artist so Dad can remember that those grey and purple scribbles are actually ‘2 dinosaurs fighting in space’ (obviously!) for years to come. 

For a more practical gift for a Dad-of-many, a  Burleigh Wagon would make a great Father’s Day gift idea. Gone are the days of Dad acting like a pack horse on beach trips with this stylish Stroller Wagon. Featuring safety harnesses for strapping the kids in, all terrain wheels, cup holders and a built-in esky, this isn’t your ordinary beach trolly! Pair with a  LVLY Happy Hour gift box to really test out that esky, and Dad is all set for a great Father’s Day. 

The experienced Dad 

Much like the Dad of Two (or more), this Dad has seen it all and more. His kids are teenagers and mostly stick to their own room or have moved out of the house, and it’s time for him to reclaim his own home - and TV remote! 

Gift him something he won’t be expecting in the form of this  portable projector and soft screencombo. He can watch his favourite shows or even set up the screen in the backyard to watch his sport of choice - all you have to do is show him how to log into his Netflix account…again!

If Dad is also an avid camper, this projector can easily be taken out and about on the road with him. Pair with a campfire and marshmallows for the ultimate camping weekend. 

The honorary Dad 

Image Credit: Coco Studio

They might not be your biological Dad, but they’ve stepped up and been a special influence in your life for years and years. Whether he’s been around since childhood or made his mark as part of the family later in life, there are lots of different ways to show him just how much you care. 

Surprise your stepdad or honorary Dad this Father’s Day with a beautiful and sentimental piece of artwork that will mean the world to him. We love these Fatherhood custom illustrations from  Coco Studio, which are a fun take on a standard family photo. Simply choose your favourite photo together and their team of skilled artists will turn it into a fun pop art style illustration. The best part? You can choose to have the image framed by the Coco Studio team or opt for a digital download and print and pick your own frame. Now you don’t have to worry about matching Dad’s man cave decor! 

The Grandad 

Image credit: Wonderbly

Whether he’s known as Pop, Pa, Nonno or Papou, there’s no forgetting this special man on Father’s Day. Second-in-line as head of the family (of course, Granny comes first!), his Father’s Day gift has got to be something pretty special. Think sentimental, think personalised and most of all - something that all the Grandkids can get involved with. 

We love this personalised ‘I love Grandad’ book from the storytellers at  Wonderbly.  This gorgeous illustrated tale follows the everyday adventures of Pop and his grandkids, as each child tells their Grandad just how much they love him. You can add up to 4 names to the book and choose your own cover design, so you know that Pop is getting something special made just for him! 

Alternatively, if you’ve left your Father’s Day gift a little late this year, why not ask your little one’s to create their own story book for Grandpa! All you’ll need is some pens and crayons, sheets of paper or card and their imaginations. The perfect DIY Father’s Day gift idea!

For more inspiring Father’s Day gift ideas, check out our  Father’s Day gift shop.  We’ll be delivering unique Father's Day gifts across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth on Father’s Day (Sunday 3rd September) and Monday - Friday Australia-wide so there’s no need to worry about last minute Father’s Day gifts!