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Birthday gift ideas for your favourite human

July 17, 2023 5 min read

Birthday gift ideas for your favourite human

When it’s time to celebrate your BFF’s next lap around the sun, there’s no denying the same question you may ask yourself every year. “What the bloody hell do I get them?”. It’s not that you don’t already have any preconceived ideas, it’s just that you want them to feel pretty damn loved. 

You want them to know that their smile is the best thing in this world, that you care about their heart, and that today, they called at exactly the right time. 

When you’re shopping for gifts you definitely want it to be easy, stress-free and thoughtful. We did a survey with our friends, family and workmates and have pulled together a list of the best 20 gift ideas for her, him and them. Some items cost nothing and some are just super simple (but sure to impress). We’ve thought of it all. 

  1. A wine cooler bag. Who doesn’t want to travel somewhere in style. Think of the times you’re picking up the kids from school on a Friday afternoon. A stylish wine cooler bag is going to come in handy. Take it with you from day to night, birthdays, picnics, and last minute get togethers. Our fave? A cooler bag from Somewhere Co not only looks great but has a very practical cross body strap too.

  2. Essential oils. They’re a winner because they can be used for multiple purposes - in diffusers, in homemade cleaning products and there’s even roll-ons. Whether it’s to help relieve anxiety, stress, or create good energies, they make a beautiful and affordable gift. 

  1. A plant. Now before you say that your friend is a plant killer, there are hearty, easy-to-keep alive plants that are almost impossible to kill. LVLY have a plant lucky dip, with four different varieties that can be delivered same-day and they come in a gorgeous sage-green pot. And yes the pot has drainage. We’ve  thought of everything. Just like your friendship, a plant can grow more beautiful with each passing day. 
  1. A breakfast box. If you live near your friend’s house, this one is a lovely surprise to leave at their doorstep. Fill a cardboard box with fresh farm eggs, bacon, avocadoes, tomatoes and sourdough bread, butter and milk. You’re going to want to add freshly ground coffee beans in a tin (or tea if they’re from planet mars and don’t like coffee) and some danishes too. Wrap it all up and leave it on their doorstep for them to make themselves a delicious birthday brekkie! 
  1. A day spa voucher. It seems simple, it seems done. But it pleases everyone, every single time. 
  1. Measuring spoons or cups. Hear us out with this one. It’s a practical gift and you can make them really stylish. There are copper plated ones, or silicone Donna Hay ones. Trust us, practicality is the only way to go!
  1. A cookbook. But a good one. Actually get one that a friend recommends, don’t just pick the pretty one off the shelf. Remember when that 4 ingredients book came out and it was all the rage? That’s because people actually used it and word got around how good it was. 
  1. A pizza maker. Sure, it’s an appliance. But who doesn’t love an amazing, wood fired pizza? They don’t come cheap, so this is a great one to get friends to all pitch in together. 
  1. A flower delivery.  Who wouldn’t want fresh, seasonal flowers delivered? 
  1. Therapy sessions. Usually, if you’re lucky, you have your friends as your unpaid therapists. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get some professional advice? Sometimes talking about our mental health is the hardest part. Your bestie could be super down, struggling or just not themselves lately. Whatever the reason, buying them a few sessions to a recommended therapist can take the pressure off them booking it and a welcome gift they weren’t expecting. 
  1. A night out.We’re talking a total surprise - a night away to relax. Your bestie might be the type that never takes time out for themselves. A good old fashioned night out - at a restaurant or the movies or simply just to sit and watch the stars.  As long as it’s a night that doesn’t involve cleaning, cooking or folding 75,000 loads of washing, they’ll be eternally grateful. 
  1. A sound bowl.Sound healing, which is also known as sound therapy, has been practiced since ancient times. Basically, sound healing is based on every part of your body having its unique vibration. Put another way; vibrational healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe - including our bodies - is in a state of vibration. Our pick? Try Unearthed Crystals, an Aussie female-founded business. This is one gift that’s incredibly special. 

  1. Bubbles.Pop the bubbles and let's partyyyyy! Celebate their b’day with a gift as fabulous as them. Better yet, order them a birthday gift box that can be delivered same-day. I mean, tell us this doesn’t scream ‘Ultimate B’day vibes’. It also has a super cute party hat popped in for cute instagrammable moments. 
  1. Art. It can be super subjective and everyone has different taste. We’re obsessed with Luke John Matthew Arnold’s loud and cheeky style. Rachel Sarra, for beautiful Indigenous prints. And Rachael Castle for gorgeous and funky prints filled with colour. 
  1. Stylish drink bottle. We’ve prefaced this withstylish because in Australia, if you don’t own a cool drink bottle, who even are you? Frank Green have even coined theirs as an ‘emotional support water bottle’. It’s a thing, no longer a want but a need. Fulfill your friend’s need with one that is insulated, looks good and make sure you choose an on-trend colour. Bonus points for monogramming their name on it. 
  1. Something they can keep forever. Yes okay, another LVLY gift in the list, but we can’t help it. Personalised flower jars are our best seller for a reason. It could be as simple as saying “you’re my  penguin”. Just think of their face when they get to unbox your gift.
  1. Vinyl. That’s assuming they have a record player, but let’s say they do. When Tina Turner asked how she would like to be remembered, she said: “As the Queen of rock n roll. As a woman who showed other women that it is OK to strive for success on their own terms”. Let her music live on, because after all, your friends are simply the best. Sorry, puns are just our thing. 
  1. Chocolate. Simple yes. But hear this. There is slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa, a result of the unequally divided cocoa chain. Tony’s Chocolonely exists to change that. Buying this chocolate means you’re supporting their vision to achieve 100% slave free chocolate. How cool is that? Plus.. fark yum. 
  1. Words. Another simple one, but once upon a time, before any form of digital technology existed, we wrote love letters. One of the most heartfelt things you can do is tell your friend exactly how special they are to you. Our advice? Make the letter so beautiful they’re going to want to frame it. 
  1. A surprise brunch.Okay so some people aren’t the type that want 100 people to jump out from behind the living room couch and yell “SURPRISE”. But hey, who wouldn’t want to be whisked away to a gorgeous setting and there on that table are seven of your amazing friends, smiling back at you. Of course, trying to get seven people together and agree on the date is the hardest part, so good luck there! 

If you're still stumped for unique and fun birthday gift ideas, browse our birthday shop - with plenty to choose from, you'll be sure to find something to please even the choosiest birthday boy or girl.