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Flowers and fashion collide as LVLY partners with luxury fashion icon CAMILLA

May 01, 2023 3 min read

Flowers and fashion collide as LVLY partners with luxury fashion icon CAMILLA

We've got news! We're so excited to announce our exclusive collaboration with iconic Australian fashion brand and global print house CAMILLA and just in time for Mother’s Day 2023.

The limited edition Mother’s Day print has been personally designed by Camilla Franks for LVLY, reimagined in an exclusive colour-way and adorned with traditional CAMILLA iconography. The totem tiger, which symbolises courage, loyalty and devotion is the feature of the artwork, displayed on LVLY flower jars available.

CAMILLA x LVLY flower jar collaboration

So, why did we choose CAMILLA?  And who is Camilla Franks?

CAMILLA founder and owner, Camilla Franks, has always been synonymous with empowerment - championing diversity and equity. Her very first runway show, around 18 years ago, featured a size 20 opera singer, a pregnant woman and models of all heights, ages and abilities.

"My purpose has always been to make people feel empowered, to make people feel beautiful, and to spread joy”

 We approached CAMILLA because of our strong brand alignment – Camilla set out to disrupt the fashion industry and captured the imagination of the world, with vibrant and colourful designs, retelling stories from her travels through the magic of print.

 With LVLY, what started as building a brand that would make people’s day, has now evolved into a fast growth e-commerce business that has disrupted the Australian flower category and set new standards for same-day delivery, seven days a week.

LVLY’s vision is to make someone’s day, Camilla’s is to colour the world.

Together, we’re two brands trying to spread a bit more joy.  

The Camilla collaboration is about giving those motherly figures around you something to say ‘thank you’. It’s about showing how much you appreciate the magic of motherhood, that despite the tough moments and those days where you feel like your world is spinning, there are people in your life who bring so much colour and strength - you wouldn’t know what you would do without them. That’s what this jar represents.

Underpinning all this is a commitment to supporting local - LVLY’s Paddock To Posy™ promise means longer-lasting flowers for their customers, more support for Aussie flower farmers and better outcomes for the planet.

We asked CAMILLA what this jar represents; “At CAMILLA we love to honour women, mother-figures and spread joy through the unexpected. When the opportunity arose to work with LVLY, an Australian female-founded business on a bespoke print for Mother’s Day, we happily got to work reimagining one of our iconic florals in an exclusive colourway. This special print has been adorned with traditional CAMILLA iconography, the totem tiger, which symbolises courage, loyalty and devotion.  This print pays homage to the dual aspects of femininity: its exquisite beauty and its wild nature. The warmth and sweetness of a parent's love and the ferocity with which she protects her family.“ -

Camilla on Motherhood

“There's that beautiful saying that when a child is born, a mother is also born.  I love being reborn into this new chapter. It’s a chapter filled with so much joy and wholeness and oneness that I have never in my life ever experienced."​

"You naturally transform when you become a mother, but you have to practice it. Its easy for me to stop and run to the office but then you find yourself with your little girl, breathing with her, inhaling her. And everything seems to wash away."​

The art of story telling 

According to founder Camilla Franks, good design begins with the power of storytelling. “From fantasy, to biography, history to mythology – we’re shaped by the stories we hear and by those who tell them.

“Stories have power. They connect us. They teach us. From ancient fireside tales, dinner table anecdotes to operas of the grandest stage, we immerse in worlds beyond our own and feel reality through someone else’s eyes. Great stories stay with us, evoking our most primal senses, bonding us through a uniquely human experience.”

Love it or hate it

People have distinct feelings about my brand,” said Camilla Franks when asked about the mixed reception she’s received. “You either love it or hate it. It’s polarising. I don’t want to be a brand that’s vanilla. I want to be Camilla.''

The CAMILLA with LVLY collaboration  is available in three bundles, each includes fresh seasonal or native flowers in limited edition a CAMILLA with LVLY flower jar, Dreamy and Creamy chocolate bar and greeting card with the matching CAMILLA Mother’s Day print.