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Locally-grown, not internationally flown: Why you should care about where your flowers come from

December 15, 2022 2 min read

Locally-grown, not internationally flown: Why you should care about where your flowers come from

Most people don’t realise that around 40% of flowers sold in Australia are imported from overseas. They can be in transit for weeks, creating a huge carbon footprint, bringing nasty pesticides to our borders, and ending up with not much life left once they hit the shelves.

This often happens when flower varieties (like roses, tulips and peonies) need very specific weather conditions to grow naturally. In Australia Tulip season is between September to November, and the season for Peonies is from late October to December. Not super long, hey?

While they are super pretty, and we adore the time of year when spring rolls around, because we know that the flower gods will be soon blessing us with an abundance of local choices, it’s much more sustainable to shop seasonally.

We are very lucky in Australia to have beautiful native flora growing on the island we call home. Think ruby red Proteas, stunning Pincushions, textured Banksias, and beautiful, leafy Eucalyptus Gum. By buying Australian Native flowers, you can be sure that these blooms will last much longer in our harsh Aussie climate, and help to keep local flower farmers in business. 

But what if natives aren’t your thing?

At LVLY we are committed to sourcing locally, regardless of whether you’re buying fresh, delicate flowers, or vibrant, hearty natives. That means, that you can send beautiful LVLY flower posies, knowing that everyone has worked super hard to get as many locally-sourced blooms in that bouquet as possible. 

It can be tricky to find all this information out when you’re just looking at a bunch of flowers on a shelf. So, don’t stress yourself out, and trust us - the experts.

That way you’re not only being much more environmentally friendly and sustainable, but you’re also helping to support local small businesses and keeping Aussie flower farmers in business.

It’s all about our Paddock To Posy™ promise.

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