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5 Christmas Gifts that tick all the boxes

December 08, 2022 4 min read

5 Christmas Gifts that tick all the boxes

Has anyone noticed that we are starting to celebrate Christmas earlier and earlier? This year, it was almost a race to get our xmas trees up in November - it used to be the first of December. 

Next year, we’re getting in early. May as well take down the fake spiderwebs from halloween and replace it with fresh mistletoe, why even wait until December? 

Every single year, Christmas catches us by surprise. How are we at the end of the year already? There are some people who live for Christmas. They’re the family with matching Christmas pjs, planning their menu and joyfully playing Mariah Carey’s xmas album on repeat. 

But for some of us, we’re just crawling to the finish line. It’s the end of the year. End of school term. We’re tired. We’re sick of the the mad retail dash. And the can’t-get-a-carpark-for-two-hours stress. Not to mention the long list of people to buy for. All we want for Christmas is for it to be easy. 

We asked some of our most organised and disorganised friends and family, what’s their top 5 gifting options. Their list was kind of exactly how we imagined it would be:

  1. Gifts that last, something that is ‘sustainable’. 
  2. Gifts that aren’t “plastic pieces of crap”. Basically no ‘sh*t gifts’.
  3. Gifts that are either practical or meaningful and have a purpose. 
  4. Gifts that surprise and delight. 
  5. Gifts that are made in Australia - supporting local matters.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our list of top 5 Christmas gifts this season, gifts that are also sustainable and not sh*t.

1. A chic AF basket bag 

A basket bag is perfect for the friend or teacher that has a lot of stuff to carry and still wants to look stylish. On a weekend, fill it with fruit and fresh produce and during the week it’ll fit a laptop of almost any size, a notebook, drink bottle and even your lunch. It’s a  great and practical gift and its durability means you use it over and over again - sustainable tick. Not sh*t. Tick. 

We love this one from Robert Gordon. 

2. A LVLY Box of goodies

If you didn’t already know, we just launched a brand new range, based on direct feedback from our legendary customers (that's you!). There’s over 150+ gifts to choose from across five categories - wellness, foodie, drinks, celebration and Christmas. 

Our beloved Aussie Native Wreath is back! This beauty will take pride placed on their front door and greet every single guest throughout the festive season. Made with Eucalyptus and flora that's native to our harsh landscape, these beautiful wreaths of joy are just as wonderful dried as they are fresh, so you can use them again and again.

If Christmas wreaths aren’t their thing, that’s okay. We’ve got something that brings all the nostalgic feels. We've worked with our long-time local supplier to create the ultimate lolly box with all your favourite sugary treats. Think Haribo gummy bears, red liquorice twirls, fizzy coke bottles and more! Everyone in their house will be pinching from this glorious lolly box. The Sweet Tooth Bundle is fun with a capital F to unbox and especially great for those work from home days when it gets to 3pm and you just don’t want another carrot stick and hummus.

What’s the one thing us Aussie’s love doing over the Christmas break? Road tripping! What’s not to love? The windows down, fresh summer breeze, esky packed in the boot and your Spotify Classic Road Trip playlist blaring on the speakers. So what to get them for a road trip? LVLY’s On the Road  bundle includes a beautiful jar of fresh flowers and a sustainable reusable air freshener that looks good, smells good and makes you feel good using it. 

Sustainable. Tick.

3. A wooden picnic wine table 

It’s 5pm. You’re running late for Carols by Candlelight with the mums from school. You’ve got everything packed, but you just know Santa isn’t going to make his appearance till 10pm. It’s going to be a long night. You’re seeing Sarah and Jane and they always seem to give the best Christmas presents. That’s okay. This year you’ll one up them. You’re rocking up with a present that you can all enjoy. It’s a wooden picnic table that fits four wine glasses and a bottle. No need to worry about setting your glass down on the grass and it toppling over because you’ve got a sturdy, Aussie made table from the legends at Summer Picnic Tables, that is practical and stylish. Not sh*t tick tick.

4. A wireless bluetooth portable microphone 

It’s really just about getting a bunch of people together for good times. You don’t even need a karaoke machine. Going camping? That’s okay. Connect it to your portable speaker and away you go. Trust us on this. Deep down inside, we all just want to belt out six verses of Bohemian Rhapsody. We really do. 

5. A sabre sword to pop champagne 

Ever seen someone pop champagne with a sabre sword? Hands down, it never gets old. It’s the coolest party trick going around. The tradition dates back to the 1700s, started by by Napoléon & the Hussars. It’s a guaranteed way to liven up any Christmas party. Cheers!

For more Christmas gift ideas, head to our Christmas Gifts page. We'll be delivering right up to Christmas Eve in all same-day delivery locations, so last-minute gifters - we've got your back!