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The 3 types of birthday people (and what to gift them!)

October 25, 2022 2 min read

The 3 types of birthday people (and what to gift them!)

Ah birthdays… they come around so quickly that you swear it was only last week that you were at your friend’s 30th, yet here you are and they’re all about to turn 40. 

In our opinion, there’s three types of ‘birthday people’ we can all relate to. Read on to find out which type fits you, and which one is your bestie! 

1. The shy one (will do anything to avoid mentioning it’s their birthday)

You know the friend… the one that would rather have their teeth pulled (without pain relief) than admit to anyone in the office that it’s their birthday. They shy away from any attention surrounding their day of birth and would rather go into the Upside Down than talk about it. These friends are the best to spoil, because they’re secretly so damn appreciative and loving that you want to go out of your way to shower them with gifts just to see their face turn bright red. 

2. The oversharer (that tells everyone it’s their birthday, months in advance.)

They’re the friend that’s keeping the b'day vibes high, walking into a zoom meeting singing “Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me”. The one that says “Oh wow you’re going to see Moulin Rouge on the 15th of March? No way, my birthday is on the 15th of next month!” They make sure NO ONE forgets their birthday, they’re rapping “go shorty it’s your birthday” at least one month in advance.

Let’s not talk about how they strategically leave their computer open on a page that’s clearly something they’ve had their eye on as they head off to lunch. Yep, we all have that friend. Nevertheless, we love them and let’s just say, it’s easy to spoil them, because they LOVE to be spoiled. 

3. The friend that already has it all

birthday gift box with flowers

Omg. The friend that literally has it all, what on earth do you get them? We’re not going to say a gift voucher, because they already buy themselves anything they want, when they want it. These friends need an experience… an unboxing experience. 

All of our gift bundlesarrive packaged in a ‘Someone Thinks You’re Awesome’ gift box, but the B’day Vibes bundle will really bring the party vibes to them. This bundle is chock-a-block with stunning flowers in a lvly b’day vibes flower jar, party hat, party time chocolate, hard rock candy and the most special touch… eco confetti. I mean, what doesn’t say ‘happy birthday’ more than confetti? It’s the ultimate way to make them smile and it can be  delivered same-day* across Australia. If they’re the kind of person who already has everything they could ever want, a bunch of seasonal fresh, gorgeous flowers or natives is something they probably weren’t expecting and a welcome surprise when they see our iconic ‘Someone Thinks You’re Awesome’ box at their door. 

For more amazing birthday gift ideas, head to our Celebration Shop page.

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