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The Ultimate Sweet Tooth Gift Guide

August 28, 2023 4 min read

The Ultimate Sweet Tooth Gift Guide

It’s no secret that our LVLY customers  love  everything and anything sweet. Like, seriously. 

We’ve always had sweet treats in our gift bundles - from our original Dreamy & Creamy milk chocolate, to delicious quote cookies from Sweet Mickie, but since we launched our assorted lolly boxes back in March, you guys have gonewild for them. And we don’t blame you - with a mouthwatering mix of red liquorice, peach rings, fizzy cola bottles, cherries, snakes and more, even Team LVLY have a hard time resisting a lolly or two when we’re taking product photos! And check this out - since we launched our lolly boxes, we’ve sold the equivalent weight of an average African elephant! That’s a lot of lollies. 

Since our sweet lolly boxes have proved to be so popular, we thought we’d give a run down of the best candy gift boxes available to gift any sweet tooth in your life. Prepare for your mouth to water! 

The OG 

Sometimes simple is best, and our Sweet Tooth lolly gift box is certainly proof of that! Featuring a beautiful seasonal (or native) flower jar with a whoppin’ 1kg bag of mixed lollies, it was no surprise when this sweet gift box rocketed into our best selling gifts. 

Shop our Sweet Tooth bundle with seasonal flowers here. Also available with native flowers or our best selling Florist’s Pick. 

For the plant lover 

Maybe flowers aren’t their thing, and that’s totally fine. Our plant lolly gift box is the perfect alternative to gift a little bit of a sweetness. Bonus points that the plant will last long after the lollies have been eaten! 

Gift an indoor plant and lolly bundle here. 

The choc lover’s paradise  

We get that lollies aren’t for everyone, so this snazzy chocolate gift box has the best of both worlds. As well as our classic kilo of mixed lollies, they’ll also receive not one, not two, but three different types of chocolate! There’s our classic Dreamy & Creamy milk chocolate (it never fails to impress), our lolly covered Party Time mini chocolate bar, and - saving the best til last - a whole bag of Cheeky chocolate coated almonds. These bad boys are a LVLY cult favourite - made using South Australian almonds and coated in milk chocolate and cocoa powder - once you try them, you’ll be hooked!

Shop our Sugar Rush bundle here

Sweet gift ideas for him 

Lollies and beer? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Trust us - it’s a not a well known combo, but it works. Say ‘Happy BEER-THDAY’ with this quartet of goodies, including your choice of seasonal or native flowers, 4 tasty Kaiju Krush tropical pale ale cans and sweet treats including 1 kilo of mixed lollies and fairy floss. The pièce de résistance? A fetching turquoise party hat that they are going to look adorable in! You have our permission to hide the beers and lollies until the birthday boy puts his party hat on.

Shop the best birthday dessert box, Birthday Beers + Native Posy here

The ultimate birthday box 

You’ve hit the motherload of sweetness here. Our Ultimate B’day Vibes bundle doesn’t just taste sweet, it smells sweet too! 

With the sugar hit coming in the form of Fluffe fairy floss (birthday cake flavour, naturally), Party Time chocolate, a confetti lollipop and a B’day Vibes quote cookie from Sweet Mickie, there’s no end to the sweet treats here. And it gets better, this celebration gift box also includes pamper goodies in the form of a sweet smelling coconut, vanilla and lime candle, plus a floral scented bath bomb. The lucky birthday guy or girl can run a bath, crack open the included bottle of Zonzo Prosecco and indulge in a sweet feast, just for them. 

Shop the Ultimate B’day Vibes + Flowers bundle here or the hamper option here. 

Build your own 

And if you’re still looking for the perfect sweet treat box, why not create your own? Our ‘build your own’ gift box option puts the power in your hands to mix and match from over 150+ flower and gift options to create a sweet gift hamper that’s made just for them. Featuring all the classics like milk chocolate, cookies, lolly boxes and fairy floss, you can pair them with any other gift you like. Pinot Noir and a chocolate bar? Sure! Cookies and a vibrator? Sounds like a great night in to us. 

Start creating your unique lolly and sweet treat gift box here

And if you’re looking for a sweet-as-sugar message to include with your gift bundle (that won’t send them straight to the dentist), here are a few of our favourite suggestions below: 

  • ‘Besides chocolate, you’re my favourite thing’ 
  • ‘You’re just like sugar, you make my life a little sweeter’ 
  • ‘You make me melt’ 

Send a whole box of sweet treats to a sugar lover by browsing our gift range here. We offer same day sweet boxes delivered 7 days a week to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Mon - Sat in Adelaide and next day delivery Mon - Fri for all other locations.