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Introducing...NEW Explosion Boxes

August 30, 2023 3 min read

Introducing...NEW Explosion Boxes

They say that in life, we don’t get many surprises, but here at LVLY we’re pretty lucky to be involved in surprises across Australia every day when someone sends one of our iconic ‘Someone Thinks Your Awesome’ gift boxes to a friend. But, never satisfied with staying still for too long,we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to elevate our unboxing experience to the next level. Introducing our brand new explosion box gifting experience! 

‘What the heck is an explosion box’, we hear you cry! Let us give you the lowdown - essentially our explosion boxes contain someveryclever packaging design which allows us to surprise and delight your loved ones by creating a mini eco-friendly rainbow confetti eruption when they open one of our explosion gift boxes. Each explosion gift box contains special treats inside, so it’s technically a double surprise. We won’t go into too many specifics about how the boxes work (we don’t want to spoil the mystery) but rest assured that this is strictly a TNT free zone. 

As soon as your bestie or family member opens one of our explosion boxes, expect laughter, shouting and maybe a swear word or two. Make sure you get someone to film their reaction - we can promise it’s going to be good. So, without further ado - let us introduce you to the gang. You’re going to love them!

The Dad classic - Exploding Box of Socks

We launched this one just before Father’s Day, so we like to think of this as the ‘Dad classic’, but really, it’s for anyone with a pair of feet they’d like to keep warm (and stylish). We’ve teamed up with the crew at  Skwosh  to create this awesome explosive gift box, with a sneaky pack of ultra-cool ‘Aussie dad’ phrase sports socks tucked away inside. 

Sure, blokes and socks is a total cliche - but if you ask just about any man, they’ll admit that they nearly always wait for Christmas, birthdays and Father’s Day to replenish their sock drawer! 

The Exploding Box of Socks is available in 3 options - gift box, with seasonal flowers or with a native posy. Choose from lollies, chocolate, beers and savoury snacks to finish off your order for the ultimate in surprise gifting. 

The 'Party in a Box' - Sweet Party Explosion 

We put our heads together and thought long and hard about how we could quite literally send a mini party in a box, and so the Sweet Party Explosion gift box came to be. This bad boy is filled with all the things you’d need for a good time - lollies, check. Two different types of chocolate? Double check. A big ol’ handful of confetti to make a mess. Done and done. Add on a party hat and greetings card as a finishing touch and you’ve secured your spot as the best gifter ever! 

The Sweet Party Explosion Box is available as a  gift box only, with the option to add on extra gifts like Prosecco, cocktails and beer. 

The Sweet Touch - Sweet Explosion Box 

The Sweet Explosion Box gift set is a delightful double whammy to really make their day. It will either have them screaming ‘OMG’, laughing hysterically or yelling a few swear words - or perhaps all of the above! With an explosion of colourful eco friendly confetti, our best-selling 1kg of lolly favourites, gorgeous bright packaging and a flower jar to boot, there’s so much to love about this unique gift idea. 

The Sweet Explosion Box is available with seasonal or native flowers

The Finishing Touch - Exploding Confetti Polaroid Envelope 

Ooh this one’s a goodie. This envelope looks enough like a normal card or gift voucher to lull them into a false sense of security, then *boom*, a surprise confetti explosion they'd never suspect! Just when they’ve recovered from the shock of confetti flying at them at approximately 0.001Kmph, they’ll find the included personalised polaroid photo of the two of you together and the smiles and happy tears will come. 

Add an Exploding Confetti Polaroid Envelope to any flower and gift order as part of our LVLY Touches range (after you’ve added a gift message!). 

Ready to make someone’s day in the most fun-filled way? Check out our full range ofexplosion box gifts. Available for delivery 7 days a week in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth and Mon - Sat in Adelaide.