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Beyond chrysanthemums: A cheeky guide to Mother's Day flowers.

April 10, 2024 4 min read

Beyond chrysanthemums: A cheeky guide to Mother's Day flowers.

Mother's Day is a beautiful occasion dedicated to honouring the incredible women who have shaped our lives with love, care, and wisdom. It's a time to express gratitude and appreciation for everything our mums do for us. And what better way to convey our heartfelt sentiments than with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? 

While Chrysanthemums have long been the go-to flower for this occasion, why limit ourselves to just one bloom? Let's dive into an exploration of why Chrysanthemums aren't the only flowers to give on Mother's Day and explore a range of other delightful options available. 

We’ve called this our ‘Cheeky guide to Mother’s Day flowers’ because you can add-on our best-selling Cheeky Chocolate Almonds with each of these gorgeous blooms. These almonds have been surprising everyone across Australia with their show-stopping taste -  trust us on this - we haven’t met someone yet that hasn’t loved them! 


First things first, let's give credit where credit is due. Chrysanthemums, with their vibrant colours and symbolic meanings of love and loyalty, have rightfully earned their place as a classic Mother's Day gift. They're like the reliable friend who always shows up with a smile, and there's nothing wrong with that!

But why not mix things up a bit? Imagine the look on mum's face when she receives a bouquet bursting with blooms handmade by our talented florists and handpicked by you, each carrying its own unique charm and message. Let's break away from pigeon-holing ourselves into just giving Chrysanthemums and explore some alternative floral delights.

Premium show-stopping bouquets

Let’s talk about the flowers that bring in the ‘wow factor’. These bright and bold blooms are dressed to impress and we guarantee they most certainly will! So don’t be afraid to go big. Go large. Go bountiful and beautiful and knock their socks off with these stunning bunches. There’sBlushing Beauty, the best-sellingCoral Cutie or the traditionalTimeless Classic. These beauties are filled with all the popular kids on the block - roses, orchids, disbuds and many more. 


There’s nothing like hearty Aussie natives and lush green foliage. Natives are looking their seasonal best during May. Surprise your mother figure with a gorgeousMiimi & Jiinda flower jar, designed by Indigenous artist Melissa Greenwood. The best part? The beautiful artwork jar can be used again and again!



If your mother-figure prefers natives in a single stem variety, proteas are a native favourite! Proteas are not only stunningly beautiful with their bold, exotic appearance but also carry a deep significance - symbolising strength, resilience, and admiration - making them a meaningful gift for celebrating the strong and nurturing women in our lives. 


Bring a ray of sunshine into mum's life with cheerful sunflowers. These bright blooms are a symbol of happiness and positivity, they’re also an instant mood booster and are sure to put a smile on mum's face.


Two words… blooming beautiful! There’s a reason why tulips are one of the most popular flowers of all time. These beauties will follow the sun throughout the day, and almost look like they are dancing as they twist and turn! Tulips are sent in bud form to bloom at home for longer lasting flowers. 

Now that we've explored some floral alternatives, let's not forget that variety is the spice of life! LVLY offers an array of gift bundles that go beyond just flowers.

Flowers + matching tote and card

This gift is practical, eco-conscious, and will make them smile as bright as a sun-kissed day. Inspired by premium, everyday essentials, this limited editionKollab x LVLYrange is designed for those who love blending purpose with style.

This abundant gift features Kollab's iconic Tote bag (made partly from recycled plastic bottles), a bunch of beautiful blooms and matching greeting card - all wrapped up in Kollab's fun and vibrant Hyper Floral print. 

Perfect for a Mum in your life, your colourful bestie, or your Nan whose smile shines brighter than the sun.

Blooms & Bubbles:

Why not pair a beautiful bouquet with a bottle of prosecco? Treat mum to a delightful combination ofFlowers and sparkling wine - it’s your way of saying ‘Cheers to you Mum!’

Sweet Treats:

Indulge Mum's sweet tooth with a gift bundle that includes a bouquet alongside artisan chocolates, or some sugary treats and cookies. Our team pick is the Cookie Combo Explosion Box + flowers. Make sure you ask them to film themselves opening it so you can join in on the fun! 

Pamper Package:

Give Mum the gift of relaxation with a bundle that includes luxurious bath products, scented candles, organic tea and of course, a gorgeous bouquet to brighten up her space. TheMotherload + Flowersis the ultimate pamper bundle, complete with a gift voucher from Endota Spa for some much needed ‘me’ time for mum. 


Green Thumb Delight:

If your mum has a passion for gardening, consider a bundle that includes potted plants or gardening tools along with a bouquet of her favourite flowers. It's a thoughtful gesture that aligns with her interests. Make it extra special with aPersonalised Plant and include a sweet message. Something as simple as “Best mum award” will make her smile. 

Personalised Perfection:

Customise a gift bundle a personalised message on a flower jar -  It's the little touches that make the gesture extra special. Something as simple as sweet as “#1 Mum” will make her feel extra loved! 


Let’s not forget those who have lost a mother figure

Mother’s Day can really suck for those who have lost their mother figure. It doesn’t take much just to let them know you’re thinking of them. Send them a plant, a personalised flower jar or our Nuture Box bundle to let them know you’re thinking of them during this difficult time. 

Remember, it's not just about the flowers or gifts themselves but the thought and effort behind them. Whether you stick with tradition and opt for Chrysanthemums or venture into the realm of roses or tulips, what truly matters is the love and gratitude you express on Mother's Day.

So, let's celebrate our mother figures with a heartfelt gesture, or a gorgeous bunch of flowers that just makes them have that warm and fuzzy feeling. There are plenty of options to explore and endless possibilities to make mum's day truly memorable. After all, they deserve nothing but the best!